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Soft Smoke Bridal Application

Who doesn't love a smokey eye? There are a variety of smokey eyes you can attain based on the intensity of the look you want to create. And creating one for your wedding day can be appealing and not intimidating.

For this Bridal Shoot with the infamous Jaye Applewaite and her new line of wedding dresses @_bliss_bridal, the motivation behind the bridal look was to simply create dimension within the eyes that wasn't overpowering. The overall appearance had to be intriguing yet soft and elegant for bridal.

To create this gorgeous look here are some of the steps used:

*The skin was first prepped with the suitable moisturizer and primer. The eyebrows which were naturally thick and shaped, only required slight tapering with an eyebrow pencil in the client's brow colour.

*Eyes were primed and based with a neutral shade. A gorgeous champagne colour was applied to the eyelids and a warmer brown tone blended within the crease to create the dimension. A lighter shade from that of the crease was used on the brow bone towards the highlight and a slight shimmer applied on the outer ends of the highlight. Blending was key to ensure the makeup application remained soft and appropriate for bridal.

* Once the eyeshadows were set and the soft smoke created, the eyes were lined with black eyeliner and black mascara applied.

*For the foundation, two shades of colour were used; that of the client's skin tone and a slightly darker shade to create soft contours on the face. Concealer was applied under the eye and mixed with a small amount of colour corrector to neutralize slight discoloration under the eyes.

* Cream blush created a natural flush of colour from the skin. Setting powder applied and then powder blush to enhance the colour on the cheek .

*Lips were lined with red lipliner and the similar colour used for lipstick .

* Finally the face was set with setting spray.

Bridal Designer: @_bliss_bridal

Model: Tiye Kelly @castingbarbados

Photographer: @romealleyne

Lighting Assist:

Makeup Artist: @pm.artistry

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